Sick of diets, weight loss plans, and exercise regimens that prove ineffective, too expensive, and outright fraudulent? Then the Weight Loss Mantra is for you. No, you can’t automatically lose weight by chanting these six “magic words,” but they do represent the advice that can revolutionize your weight loss efforts and make you fitter and healthier than you’ve ever been in your life.

This information isn’t complicated (aren’t the best things in life simple, after all?). I give practical tips anyone can follow, not platitudes or theory. This is advice for real people.

I’m not one of those tofu-snarfing, organic-only, twig-eating purists that would shrivel up and die if I bit into a Pop-Tart. I like and eat delicious food and treats like anyone else. I work out but I’m no gym rat.

So what qualifies me to dole out weight loss advice? I’ve been researching and writing about health, food and fitness for the past 10 years as a freelance writer. I have interviewed personalities and experts such as Chef Jim Coleman, “Biggest Loser” star Jillian Michaels, “Body by Jake” Stienfeld, fitness guru Tony Little, Mr. USA 1995 Phil Hernon, and innumerable dieticians, personal trainers, nutritionists, herbalists, doctors of naturopathic medicine and medical doctors. I’m a first-degree black belt martial artist after six years of training and countless hours of study.

The Weight Loss Mantra works. I have given birth twice and still wear the same size four clothing I did in high school. My second pregnancy required bed rest. I gained 35 pounds but I was able to healthfully lose baby weight within three months by following the Weight Loss Mantra. It felt great to get back into shape and regain my energy and vibrancy.

You've tried everything else. Now it's time to do what works. You owe it to yourself to lose weight for the sake of your health and appearance. Imagine yourself feeling fit enough to run and play with your kids or grandkids. Imagine slipping into clothing from whatever store you want. Imagine the looks on the faces of old friends when they see the "new" you. Imagine no longer. It's time to act.

If you're ready to lose weight and keep it off forever, then order The Weight Loss Mantra. It's only $5 for this 37-page e-book, available in PDF format (Adobe). Or, for $10 total, I'll send you a paper copy in the mail. Simply send your PayPal payment  to and your e-book will come within 48 hours. Or, specify you want a paper copy and it will ship within 48 hours via US Post Office mail to the address you specify (US only, please for paper copies. Postage is included.).